Network security is a moving target to lock your sights on

Among the many things that keep small business owners up at night, security attacks and data breaches should move to the top of the list. Many small business owners are not taking active measures to protect against security threats, despite a recent study that found nearly a third of the data breaches occurred at businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Our Secure IT program provides businesses with the support they need to keep all workstations and servers secure from vulnerabilities that can cause major impact on their business.

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Secure IT Service Drilldown

Active Prevention

With real time visibility of known and unknown threats we provide active prevention to reduce the possibility of infections, which includes zero hour malware threats that can quickly disrupt your network.

OS Security Updates

OS security updates are critical, but should not be automatically deployed. Determining what updates are required is a start, but ensuring the updates won’t conflict with your line of business software is crucial.

Out of Band Updates

Software vendors release security updates on a set schedule, but zero day threats require prompt action. Sometimes there are immediate updates and in other cases we need to quickly put a work around in place.

Third Party Application Patching

There are a number of core applications that are not part of the OS. Due to their popularity, hackers scour them for vulnerabilities. We continuously update these apps with the most current release.

Security Software

We take a blended approach to security software. While this includes anti-virus and anti-spyware software, we put emphasis on emerging security tools to protect against sophisticated security vulnerabilities.

Security Management

Putting security tools in place is not enough and requires proper management of those tools to determine whether further action, whether proactive or reactive, is needed to keep you protected.


While we have your back, sometimes you want reports that show your network security status. Whether for peace of mind or required regulatory compliance, we can deliver reports on a scheduled or on demand basis.

On-Demand Support

If you are in need of support beyond what is included in your Secure IT service, you can feel free to request our support on an on-demand basis. This gives you options to get the support you need, when you need it.

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