Proactive technology management delivers positive business impact

We start with an assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your technology environment. Then, through a remediation process, we get your technology up to standards. From there, we use technology to keep it running at that level day in, day out. Monitoring and ongoing preventative maintenance tasks inhibits your technology performance from being like a roller coaster. Finally, a very important step in the process is strategic planning. We work with you to develop an annual technology plan that will serve as the road map for the future of your technology.

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Prevent IT Service Drilldown

Secure IT

Prevent IT includes our Secure IT plan, but adds so much more. Ultimately, we become your IT department with a strong emphasis on providing you with proactive technology management.

Unlimited Support

You get unlimited remote support from our support desk to answer your questions and solve problems. Add unlimited onsite support for your support issues that cannot be resolved remotely.


Our MyCTO services provides you with a Chief Technology Officer to advise, recommend, and direct the IT strategies for your organization. This includes developing an annual technology plan and budget.

Network Admin

Your assigned Network Admin will develop and then implement standards and best practices. Some of their primary objectives are to identify and reduce technical risk in order to minimize reactionary issues.

Network Management

Your network infrastructure is a critical component of your technology operations. Besides normal administration, your network infrastructure requires ongoing support to run at peak levels.

Proactive Tasks

Technology needs ongoing TLC. That’s technology loving care. We do this proactively through performing regular preventative maintenance tasks. This focus helps reduce those reactionary support needs.

Ticketing System

Support requests can be easily submitted by phone, e-mail, or our client portal. Both end users and management can track the progress of support requests through the client access portal.

Play Book

our technology infrastructure has a lot of moving parts. We work to document all this information in our play book to ensure your technology can be managed in a quick and efficient manner.

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