Protecting your network infrastructure is a never ending job

Outside the walls of an organization is a scary world filled with hackers that want to disrupt your business. Being a core component of network infrastructure, firewalls give the protection needed from threats while allowing end users to seamlessly continue to do work. However, protecting the network infrastructure is a never ending job that requires continuous management. We offer a managed firewall service using a best-in-class Unified Threat Management hardware appliance along with industry leading software to provide a comprehensive security solution.

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Managed Firewall Service Drilldown

Enterprise Grade Firewall

With growing security threats and increased government regulation, small and mid-sized businesses must look to enterprise grade firewalls for higher levels of security that cannot be found in consumer-class firewalls.

Web Filtering

We leverage award-winning web filtering to block harmful sites. You will be protected against malware, malicious attacks, and undesirable content that can lead to legal, financial, and productivity issues.

Comprehensive Reporting

We offer real-time reporting with identity-based information related to network events and user activity. You can easily assess security risks, network resource consumption, and employee productivity.

VPN Management

Our VPN management offers controlled, secure remote access for remote offices, road warriors, and vendors. This way, we can ensure against intrusions and malware entering your central network.

Intrusion Prevention

The Intrusion Prevention System protects against network and application-level attacks. You are secured against intrusion attempts that can put your business at risk of legal liability and financial loss.

Gateway Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware

To protect your network from threats it requires protection from many angles. Get an additional layer of protection as traffic comes into your network before it reaches workstations and servers.

Event Monitoring

Utilizing event monitoring, we take charge of the health and stability of your managed firewall. Every security event is analyzed and responded to so that we can win the fight in keeping your systems protected.

Continuous Updates

Hackers succeed when organizations get complacent in managing their network security. Defeating them is a continuous job of keeping all aspect of your security tools updated and we are relentless in this pursuit.

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