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As the convenience of electronic communication has grown, so has the concern over the privacy of information being transmitted. Businesses must be aware of their responsibilities of protecting sensitive data in an effort to meet regulatory compliance, avoid lawsuits, and the protection of their brand. Implementing a business process around encrypting sensitive information sent through email doesn’t have to be difficult. We offer an unrivaled, easy-to-use email encryption service that gives businesses the protection needed without the addition of new infrastructure that must be managed.

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[vc_section_container width=”1/1″][vc_heading title=”Encrypted Email Service Drilldown” type=”h1″ style=”default” text_transform=”Default” align=”center” margin_bottom=”20″][vc_feature_boxes columns=”4″ style=”default” bg_type=”transparent” box_style=”style3″ icon_size=”normal” icon_style=”style1″ bottom_margin=”yes” css_animation_delay=”100″ css_animation_type=”box”][vc_feature_box icon=”icon-star” title=”No Hardware/Software” description=”Our Encryption Email service requires no hardware or software to purchase, install, and maintain at your location. “][vc_feature_box icon=”icon-star” title=”Transparent Encryption” description=”With transparent email encryption, users send and receive secure email as they would conventional email. No extra steps are required.”][vc_feature_box icon=”icon-star” title=”Policy Based Encryption” description=”The email encryption service offers the ability for a company to encrypt outbound emails based on content, sender, and recipient. “][vc_feature_box icon=”icon-star” title=”Secure Message Portal” description=”Secure delivery method to the Secure Message Portal allows encrypted read, reply and save capabilities for recipients.”][/vc_feature_boxes][/vc_section_container]
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